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i hold my breath until you creak to life
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1st-Nov-2010 10:32 pm(no subject)
cherry blossoms blooming
I keep on disappearing from LJ and I don't know how to stop.

It's just. I feel like I've lost all and any creative drive I ever had, including the urge to write entries or make icons or think about stories, and granted, those are hardly creative activities at all, but it was what I enjoyed, and now there isn't even that anymore. I'm not quite sure what happened, but it makes me sad.

I came to college with a very defined personality. There were things I believed in and things I didn't and I knew exactly where I stood with various issues. (I can't think of particular examples; this is just a general impression.) Now, it is as though my edges have softened, as though I'd once drawn an outline of a personality around myself and now the colors are bleeding past the lines. I feel smudged.

Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe this is the process of coming to understand how little qualified I was to be so set in my views at such an early stage. And maybe a great deal of my personality had been a byproduct of some positive feedback loop in which I adjusted my behavior, to some extent or other, to match how people perceived me.


Anyway, anyway, maybe I'll more normal someday. Meanwhile, here's a really prettily illustrated, creepy story in the spirit of the-day-after-Halloween: "His Face All Red" by Emily Carroll.

Also some awesome pictures of my school that an alumnus took. (Which makes me think of how, sometimes, the real power of photography isn't in its ability to depict reality, per se, but some heightened version of it. But that isn't here or there.)

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7th-Jun-2008 09:23 pm - 49 Geass Icons Ep. 6 - 8
cherry blossoms blooming
I finally caught up! \:D/ Now I can make them as the episodes come out!


1. 2. 3.

And everything old is new again.Collapse )
24th-May-2008 01:11 pm - 102 icons and a lovebar
cherry blossoms blooming
I have never made so many icons so quickly. This is a little scary. Also, making anime icons is still slightly strange and new to me. I mean, they're colored already. Holy shit.


1. 2. 3.

[60] x Code Geass R2 Ep. 1 - 5
[09] x Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
[33] x Stock (includes photography from Michele Constantini and Kamil Vojna)
[01] x KHR! lovebar

I bet my hamsters are fluffier than yours.Collapse )
13th-May-2008 06:18 pm - Manga Coloring Tutorial
cherry blossoms blooming
Well, this is something new. Requested by aleyshav ages and ages ago. If you're reading this, I'm sorry it took so long. AP tests happened. I give you full permission to slap me with a fish. >_>

Going from to .

Involves: PS7, curves, and color balance.

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8th-Mar-2008 12:40 am - MOAR ICONS
cherry blossoms blooming

1. 2. 3.

... This set took a while.

Am going to collapse soon. Perferably into a comatose state.
1st-Jan-2008 01:33 am - When We Were Young: An Icon Project
cherry blossoms blooming
Months ago, I was suddenly struck by a Brilliant Idea - which I promptly proceeded to ignore because it was too much work and I just didn't want to bother at that moment. Then I got bored.

At any rate, it's very simple.

The Premise: I make one icon per chapter of part one of Naruto, which adds up to 238 icons in the end. (Kakashi Gaiden won't be covered.)

Current Progress: 238/238 (DONE)

Recent Samples:

1. 2. 3.

Ch.001 - 033Collapse )
Ch.034 - 064Collapse )
Ch.065 - 098Collapse )
Ch.099 - 139Collapse )
Ch.140 - 181Collapse )
Ch.182 - 217Collapse )
Ch.218 - 238Collapse )

Credit | is overrated
Comments | are not
Resources | are here
Tutorial | is here.

A closing note: Half a year, 7 sets, and 238 icons later, it's done. Thank you for all your comments and support. It's been a very fun project. This is goodbye, Naruto fans. ♥
23rd-Dec-2007 10:42 pm - Icon/graphics dump
cherry blossoms blooming
[7] x Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
[11] x Naruto
[13] x Stock
[4] x Misc.
[5] x Graphics/Wallpapers


1. 2. 3.

They've been decomposing in my hard drive for ages, but no matter. You know you want to. :D

Since the only way to deal with crazy people is to make no sudden movements and do as told.Collapse )

I haven't been able to icon anything for ages. Anyone want to make a request? :D If you do, though, please provide an image and a general idea of what you want it to look like. I'll take the first 20 if there're actually that many people interested >_>.
cherry blossoms blooming
63 icons. I am never making this many ever again.

[20] x Dogs
[10] x Naruto (coloring by Amaretti)
[23] x Samurai Champloo
[10] x Stock

Insanity is contagious. Pass it on.Collapse )
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